Who is Marc?

Life, work and otherwise, has been far more varied and unusual than I ever imagined.

Our family’s 98 acre, Midwest, dairy farm taught me the joy of family, productive work, planning-sowing-reaping and the appreciation of nature, animals and the outdoors.

I retired from full time work after about 45 years in organizations. This included large companies, medium companies, startups, a non-profit and a Big 10 university. Much of the work was process improvement, strategy, project management and management of teams and programs. In work life, I  became a student of humans working together to create results.

In high school, the struggle was to decide between college in Liberal Arts (writing, history, religion) or science. My college choices went to Engineering and Business Administration. Much of my private life has been spent in the other direction of exploring religion, culture, writing and advocacy.

I lived for a period of 7 years in a community practicing meditation and yoga for roughly 3 hours a day; every day. The rest of the day was spent pursuing my business and family interests. This period was one of the highest for quality of life and productivity. My “work day” was necessarily shorter and I learned highly valuable lessons about the number of hours worked and the opportunity for highly productive results that few other people ever get to experience.

Starting in 2009, I began to teach part time at the college level as adjunct faculty in Business and Information Technology. Since retirement, I have continued to teach part time.

I take on work and causes that interest me and allow me to satisfy my life by helping others.


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