I began my worklife as an engineer and moved into Information Technology.

The first time that I managed a project or began to manage a team, I felt lost and confused about my role and the way in which to manage most effectively. It took quite a while to achieve the same level of comfort as a manager as I had enjoyed as an effective, single contributor.

Along the way, I read, listened, studied, observed, considered, was mentored, trained and looked deeply into my experience as a manager and into the exerience of my peers and my managers. Now, years later, it is time for me to share what I have learned with others who also want to be more effective managers.

This blog is to help us all continue to grow from the knowledge and experience of others. As you read the posts about managing, I hope you will draw valuable insight into whatever challenge(s) you face. If you have learned something valuable from your own experience, please share with all.

“None of us is as smart or as capable as the combined knowledge and ability of the team!” – Marc Franke


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