C is for Collaboration

How are important are the skills necessary to have people work together?

Many of us have strengths and can accomplish a lot on our own. Individually, we can do a lot.

If you bring 10 people individually into a room, present each one with the same problem to solve, you can very likely get 10 different ways to solve that problem. From my experience working with groups, 6 or so of the different solutions will be quite workable, perhaps all 6, or even all 10, will be more or less equally good solutions.

If you gather all 10 people at once and facilitate the meeting with good collaboration skills, you’ll often get an even better solution by combining the talents, knowledge and ideas from all 10 into a group solution.

Ever been in a group when one person expresses an idea, and, even though that idea is not adopted, someone in the group hears it and has an important thought triggered by the first idea? Each new thought or bit of experience added to the mix refines, strengthens and improves the final approach.

If … the group is facilitated in an environment of openess, trust and welcoming of ideas and contribution.

We are stronger together than what we can accomplish on our own.

I’m including a YouTube link to a performance of “Stand By Me”. This was created by a world wide collaboration of street musicians; each performing in their own country, separated by time and distance but creating something stronger; together.